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Black & Tanne Realty Group is proud to welcome all Real Estate buyers, sellers, investors, as well as Community residents to check out our new home at 700 Arendell Street, Morehead City, NC 28557. From Cedar Point to Cedar Island and beyond, our team will be happy to discuss home ownership on our beautiful Crystal Coast.

Fran Pigott Harding, Broker-in-Charge, ABR, ePRO, and a native of the Crystal Coast area, is joined by team members and owners – Kyle Adam Johnson and Shynara Johnson. As a team, we value relationships, excellent work, and community impact!


Our mission is to help others invest in themselves and their futures by purchasing property in Eastern NC. And we are pleased that providing outstanding service to our clients is a priority for us as well as the knowledgeable professionals who support us. And it goes without saying that our goal is to make sure that buyers, sellers, and investors recommend us as their #1 broker of choice. Let us help you find your next property.

We love where we live!


When Realtors Fran Pigott Harding, Kyle Adam Johnson, and Shynara Johnson were brainstorming a name for their newly formed business, it didn’t take long for them to decide on the name Black & Tanne Realty Group. We are proud of our heritage!

We decided to honor those who came before us – from other countries – to form Carteret County – back in 1722. The native inhabitants of the area were the Iroquois-speaking Tuscarora Indians. As early as 1706 settlers from Scotland, Ireland, England (the most predominant), and other settlers of Huguenot, German, and French descent, arrived in the region also. English, Scottish, and Irish names such as Pigott, Chadwick, Meares, Smith, Gillikin, Taylor, Salter, and Johnson! These are our surnames too!!!


Ok… exactly where did the name – Black & Tanne – come from. The meaning can be found in history books – fast forward 200 years – and the history lesson is well known. The name was derived from the color of the uniforms used when the English, Irish, and Scott-Irish – each fought to preserve their special heritage – back in 1916. (Pants - Tan and Jacket - Black). Heritage, whether it be national, cultural, or family is an endowment of unique sets of historical knowledge. It goes without saying this heritage is our history and story. It’s also part of who we are!


Today, we are a new, different generation still honoring those who came before us and carved out this special outstanding coastal community! We are Black & Tanne Realty Group. And we love where we live!

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